gavin john

London born Melbourne resident Gavin John is a self-trained photographer who, in this age of multimedia overload, finds himself compelled to return time and again to the purity and power of the single, still image. He takes pride in the fact he frames every shot as desired out in the field, never cropping his images in post-production. He leans towards pushing the boundaries of composition, finalising the image at the point of shutter release.

The diverse complexities the natural world has to offer has provided Gavin with a wealth of inspiration. As well as revelling in the huge variety of panoramic landscapes, he delights in juxtaposing the epic with the intimate and playing with perceptions of scale. He derives great pleasure from homing in on particular details of a landscape, isolating specific features and concentrating on the colours, forms, geometry, lines and textures found in nature to create abstract works of art.

He lives to shoot nature photography in far off places, but as this is not always possible he also takes macro photography, portraits, street and abstract photography, allowing him to better his craft by introducing new techniques, dimensions and physicality to his craft. - Atacama Desert.jpg - Alaska.jpg