jerry galea

Jerry is a freelance photographer based in Australia specializing in editorial and lifestyle imagery. During his photographic career, Jerry has worked throughout many continents for several International humanitarian aid organizations.

Jerry specializes in photojournalism documentary and has been selected from hundreds of applicants for one-year fellowship in Indonesia. Jerry was also selected to photograph the Commonwealth Baton for twelve months through East &West Africa, the Caribbean Islands, South America and the Pacific Islands. 

He has a degree in Photography, achieved first class honors and currently doing PhD research at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Jerry's research-led practice examines a Mongolian society in transition, in particular, the urbanization of Mongolian herders. Large numbers of nomadic herders in recent times have been forced by changing economic conditions to resettle into the urban districts of Ulaanbaatar, leaving their visual and other forms of representation in the 21 century significantly altered.