pingyao - 2017

And so we find ourselves 2 years later after our first exhibition at PIP (Pingyao International Photo Festival) back again in this incredible majestic place. This time team members Jean-Luc Syndikas and Joanna Nixon represented Stills Co-op. Being exhibited along other renowned International photographers including Jamey Stillings and Philippe Vermes was quite an honour. The PIP team were very hospitable to us, setting us up in this amazing hotel from the Ming Dynasty. Being immersed in the ancient culture and walled city of Pingyao is an experience of a lifetime, you literally feel like you have gone back into ancient times, it takes your breath away!  

Our show this year was located within in the old Pingyao mining factory, sharing wall spaces next door to RMIT alumni, Syndey's 'Head On' as well as photographic groups from the UK and New Zealand. Each Stills Co-op member were able to exhibit 3 pieces each for the show, which reflected mediums and styles through our ongoing mission as a Co-op to 'recognise photography’s past, informing the present and embracing the future'. Our translator and helpers were amazing, it was quite funny seeing so many flock to us to take our photo in front of our work, there is so much respect and appreciation in the Chinese public it was overwhelming and very touching.

Once again making new connections with artists and photographers from overseas is what makes PIP such a great opportunity to be a part of. The exhibitions between International and local Chinese photographers was very diverse. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful festival and hope to come back again in the near future.

Jean-Luc Syndikas and Joanna Nixon represented the Stills Co-op.

Photos by Jean-Luc Syndikas.