rodney stewart

Following a three decades as a fashion, advertising and editorial photographer, and a career that took him all over the world; in the past 10 years Rodney Stewart has turned his skills and endeavours entirely, to his first love of fine art photography. 


Although Rod has exhibited his work since the early 1980’s it is only in the last decade that he has been able to devote his efforts fully to his art.


His style of digitally manipulated hypereal imagery, was prefigured by his early pre-digital darkroom work, which combined multiple images with manual cut and paste. His current style has evolved from his love of story telling, social commentary and biographically inspired image making. A strong technical background in lighting and directing, combined with an ability to problem solve are partially attributable to his advertising background. While he loves to develop ideas, plan and execute shoots on any scale, he still gets great pleasure in the spontaneity of street photography.


Throughout his career Rod has also established a reputation as a highly regarded teacher of photography at many of Melbourne’s universities.