sally wright

Sally Wright has been immersed in photography for over 30 years as a student, educator and freelance commercial /fine art photographer.  She has a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) from RMIT University and in 1993 was awarded an International Fellowship and Residency by the Mid-America Arts Alliance and United States Information Agency, which included a Residency at the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film.  

Her photography reflects two distinct visions; location portraiture and studio based large format colour still life.  The former explores the historical foundations of photographic techniques and sensibilities and the latter the possibilities of colours, textures and perspective.  Her core beliefs about being a photographer centre around the interactive combination of technique, craft and creative thinking with the history of photography as the bedrock that binds them together. 

The tensions and ambiguities of achieving a balance of science and art, objectivity and subjectivity are ever present in her practice, which mirrors the tensions that photography has and continues to experience.