Tim Cushan 

Tim Cushan was influenced, from an early age by creatives, illustrators and photographers. He was a photographic assistant to exceptional mentors. The camera is his pathway of adventure, discovery, creativity and communication. His more recent projects  Elephant Skin and Camel Tribes are born from a passionate connection with animals and life  and demonstrate the potential of an image to record the energy, as much as the fact of the experience and possible even inspire us to perceive in a way we had not previously.

Tim suggests "Images express their maker and the varying levels with which we have understanding. All forms of photography and imaging can be powerful and are as valid now as ever. Through our perception and beliefs, change can happen. Photography is one of the means by which we can see, that what we see is not always so. Even a stills image is constantly moving. whether on location, in the studio or editing, it is the vision the brief that provides the framework for the unexpected. It is the element of the unknown where the magic comes in".